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Data publication: Mode splitting of spin waves in magnetic nanotubes with discrete symmetries

Körber, L.; Kézsmárki, I.; Kakay, A.

This data set contains the numerical raw data for "Mode splitting of spin waves in magnetic nanotubes with discrete symmetries" published in Physical Review B. The data has been obtained using our in-house developed finite-element dynamic-matrix approach for propagating spin waves [see AIP Advances 11, 095006 (2021) for details]. 

  • The folder high-res-only-k0/ contains the lateral mode profiles and frequencies of polygonal nanotubes with different number of corners at k = 0. It also contains a python script used to calculate the microwave absorption from the mode profiles.
  • The folders poly_*/ contain only the dispersion without lateral mode profiles for the different polygonal tubes as well as a round nanotube
  • All folders contain the geometry and mesh files as well as sparam and eparam yaml files containg the material parameters and experimental parameters, respectively. The equilibrium states are saved as m_eq.h5 hdf5 files.

Keywords: Spin wave; magnon; micromagnetic modeling; symmetry; nanotubes; group theory; micromagnetism; tetrax

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