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Growth and Martensitic Transformation of Ferromagnetic Co-Cr-Ga-Si Epitaxial Films

Ge, Y.; Lünser, K.; Ganss, F.; Gaal, P.; Fink, L.; Fähler, S.

During cooling, conventional martensitic transformation can only be realized from austenite to martensite. Recently, a so-called reentrant martensitic transformation obtained much interest due to an additional transformation from martensite to austenite during further cooling. Obviously, materials with this reentrant transformation will increase the number of physical effects and possible applications. However, until now, only bulk samples are reported available, which are not suitable for applications in micro-devices. In this work, ferromagnetic Co-Cr-Ga-Si films were selected as a model system to explore the reentrant transformation behavior in thin films. We observed that the films grow epitaxially on MgO (100) substrates and exhibit a martensitic transformation if deposited at a sufficiently high temperature or with an additional heat treatment. Film within the austenite state are ferromagnetic while films within the martensitic state just exhibit a very low ferromagnetism order.

Keywords: Co-Cr-Ga-Si; martensitic transformation; reentrant martensite; epitaxial film; ferromagnetism

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