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Machine learning the electronic structure of matter across temperatures

Fiedler, L.; Modine, N. A.; Miller, K. D.; Cangi, A.

We introduce machine learning (ML) models that predict the electronic structure of materials across a wide temperature range. Our models employ neural networks and are trained on density functional theory (DFT) data. Unlike other ML models that use DFT data, our models directly predict the local density of states (LDOS) of the electronic structure. This provides several advantages, including access to multiple observables such as the electronic density and electronic total free energy. Moreover, our models account for both the electronic and ionic temperatures independently, making them ideal for applications like laser-heating of matter. We validate the efficacy of our LDOS-based models on a metallic test system. They accurately capture energetic effects induced by variations in ionic and electronic temperatures over a broad temperature range, even when trained on a subset of these temperatures. These findings open up exciting opportunities for investigating the electronic structure of materials under both ambient and extreme conditions.

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