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Analysis of the influence of swirling flow on the boiling heat transfer characteristics of two-phase flow

Wu, W.; Ding, W.; Hampel, U.; Sun, B.


The Eulerian-Eulerian (EE) simulation approach + GENeralized TwO Phase (GENTOP) concept and two-fluid three-flow field with droplet were used to simulate the heat and mass transfer. Analysis encompassed the examination of steam and liquid phase distributions, as well as flow pattern transitions. Heat transfer enhancements were quantified using a comprehensive heat transfer factor. The disturbance intensity of the secondary flow was characterized by the absolute vortex flux. Results revealed a correlation between the intensity of the secondary flow and axial length, indicative of progressive fluid disturbance enhancement. Additionally, the maximal motion of the steam phase vortex was observed both near the wall and channel center. The EE+GENTOP concept exhibited superior capability in reproducing multi-scale flow including small-scale dispersed bubbles and large-scale continuous steam (coalescence and break-up). For investigations into the entrainment and deposition of liquid droplets in annular flow, the selection of a two-fluid three-flow field with the droplet model is recommended.

Keywords: swirling flow; secondary flow; heat transfer enhancement; two-phase flow


  • Secondary publication expected from 16.12.2024


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