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Dataset on WetAnnealing

Altstadt, E.; Bergner, F.; Chekhonin, P.; Dykas, J.; Houska, M.; Ulbricht, A.


This dataset covers test data related to the WetAnnealing Project, in particular the publication "Recovery of neutron-irradiated VVER-440 RPV base metal and weld exposed to isothermal annealing at 343 °C up to 2000 hours" submitted to Frontiers in Nuclear Engineering. The test data have been derived from Vickers hardness (HV10) testing, Small Punch Tests (SPT), Master Curve (MC) fracture mechanics testing of miniaturized compact tension 0.16-C(T) samples, and Small-Ange Neutron Scattering (SANS) experiments. Plots and figures are also included.

Keywords: reactor pressure vessel steel; embrittlement; wet annealing; recovery; hardness; small punch test; fracture mechanics; small-angle neutron scattering



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