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Status and research report at the Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe
Penzhorn, R.-D.; Bekris, N.; Coad, P.; Dörr, L.; Friedrich, M.; Glugla, M.; Haigh, A.; Lässer, R.; Peacock, A.;
The Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe (TLK) has mainly designed for the conduction of technological experiments relevant to fusion under simulation of the conditions actually expected in the various tritium processing systems. Presently ongoing experimental and design work is almost exclusively oriented towards the needs of JET and ITER-H-FEAT. Basic research, while increasing in importance, plays predominatly a complementary role. This paper presents the most recent progress and developments related to the technological and applied experiments at the TLK.
Keywords: Tritium Laboratory Karlsruhe (TLK); Infrastructure systems; Calorimeters
  • Fusion Engineering and Design 49-50 (2000) 753-767

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