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Spreading resistance measurements on nanocrystalline SiC produced by ion beam induced crystallization
Madhusoodanan, K. N.; Heera, V.; Panknin, D.; Skorupa, W.;
Ion beam induced crystallization (IBIC) of preamorphized surface layers on 6H-SiC has been stimulated by high dose Al implantation (0.3 - 3 E17 cm-2) at elevated temperatures (300 -500°C). Randomly oriented 3C-SiC nanocrystals withn diameters between 2 and 25 nm are formed depending on the implantation parameters as proved by XRD and XTEM. Spreading resistance measurements have been performed at bevelled as-implanted and annealed (1500°C, 10 min) samples in order to study the electrical behaviour of the Al acceptors in the nanocrystalline layer. Reference experiments have been carried out on single crystalline 6H- SiC crystals implanted at the similar conditions. It has been found that in the as-implanted state Al doped fine granular SiC has much lower spreading resistance than the corresponding single crystalline SiC. Only minor differences have been observed between the nano- and single crystalline samples after annealing.
Keywords: 6H-SiC, Ion implantation, amorphisation, recrystallisation, spreading resistance
  • Lecture (Conference)
    E-MRS 2001 SPRING MEETING, Strasbourg (France), June 5-8, 2001
  • Applied Surface Science 184 (2001) 209-213


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