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Influence of the first-order polarization on the stopping power for bare charges in the jellium model

Mathar, R. J.
Adding the contribution of the next higher order of the density parameter to the random-phase approximation (the zeroth-order, noninteracting approximation to the subceptibility) improves the calculation of the linear dielectric function of the jellium model. In this paper, the corresponding results by Holas, Aravind, and Singwi (Phys. Rev. B20 (1979) 4912) are picked up to extend the Lindhard-Winter theory of the electronic energy loss in a straightforward manner. As known from static approximations to the local-field correction, the electronic stopping at low ion velocities is enhanced. Above the stopping-power maximum, the first-order dynamic dielectric function delivers a correction of the opposite sign.
  • Physical Review A 53 (1996) 4 pp.2873-2876


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