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Cobalt disilicide interconnects for micromechanical devices

Teichert, J.; Bischoff, L.; Hesse, E.; Schneider, P.; Panknin, D.; Geßner, T.; Löbner, B.; Zichner, N.
A focused ion beam system working with 35 keV Co+ ions has been used to produce CoSi2 interconnects by means of ion beam synthesis. The capability of maskness patterning of the focused ion beam, ist large depth of focus and the possibility of a dynamic focus control allow the fabrication of interconnects in three-dimensional devices with this method. Investigations have been performed using polycrystalline, amorphous and single crystalline silicon substrates. The influence of implantation does has been studied, the electrical resistance and thermal stability of the interconnects has been measured. For room temperature implantation and annealing at 600°C for 1h resistivities between 34 and 60 µ( cm have been obtained for the various substrate materials. CoSi2 interconnects have been found to be thermally stable up to 700°C. In order to demonstrate this method interconnection lines have been fabricated on the sloped walls of deep anisotropically etched grooves 280 µm.
  • Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 6 (1996) pp.272-278


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