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Shell-Model Study of Shears Bands in Light Pb Nuclei

Frauendorf, S.; Reif, J.; Winter, G.
Spherical shell-model calculations have been performed in the configuration space ( s1/2h9/2i13/2)
and (p1/2p3/2f5/2i13/2) for protons and neutrons, respectively, in order to interpret the sequences of strong dipole transitions found in neutron-deficient Pb isotopes. Regular dipole bands are found if several high-j protons and high-j neutron holes are interacting with neutrons in the low-spin (fp) orbitals. The calculated B(M1) values are in the order of several µN2
for the deltaJ=1 transitions, and the crossover E2 transitions are very weak. The mechanism generating the dipole bands is found to be the same as in the tilted axis cranking mean-field description.
  • Open Access Logo Forschungszentrum Rossendorf; FZR-107 Preprint
  • Nuclear Physics A 601 (1996) pp. 41-55


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