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The reaction NN -> NNgamma in the 1 GeV region within an effective one-boson exchange model

Titov, A. I.; Kämpfer, B.; Reznik, B. L.; Shklyar, V.
Within an effective one- boson exchange parametrization of the T matrix of NN interactions we calculate cross sections for the reactions pp → ppγ and pn → pnγ for proton incidence energies in the order of 1 GeV. Besides bremsstrahlung processes we consider photons from ∆ decays and contributions from the η → γγ process, where the η is excited via the N1535 resonance. At beam energies above 700 MeV the ∆ decay channiel dsminates for large photon energies, while above the η threshold the η decay photons ähsw up only in a narrow window. The low energy photons stem frorn pure bremsstrahlunig processes.
  • Physics Letters B 372 (1996) pp. 15-19
  • Open Access Logo Forschungszentrum Rossendorf; FZR-118 Preprint


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