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Production of ω and φMesons in Near-Threshold πN Reactions: Baryon Resonances and the Okuba-Zweig-Iizuka Rule
Titov, I. A.; Kämpfer, B.; Reznik, B. L.;
Results of a combined analysis are presented for the production of ω and φ mesons in π reactions in the near-threshold region using a conventional "nonstrange" dynamics based on processes that are allowed by the nonideal ω-φ mixing. We show that the interferences of the t channel (meson exchange) and s, u channels (nucleon and nucleon-resonances) differ significantly for the ω and φ production amplitudes. This leads to a decrease of the relative yields, in comparison with the expectations based on a one-component amplitude with standard ω-φ mixing.
We find a strong and nontrivial difference between observables in ω and φ production reactions caused by the different roles of the nucleon and nucleon-resonance amplitudes. A series of predictions for the experimental study of this effect is presented.
  • Phys. Rev. C 65 (2002) 065202

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