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A 100 kV 10 A high-voltage pulse generator for plasma immersion ion implantation

Brutscher, J.
The design of a high voltage pulsing system for a plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) facility is presented. A list of requirements, which have to be fulfilled by a high voltage pulse generator to get best results and a optimum operation of the PIII system, is given. A simple electrical model of the plasma is presented which describes the plasma as a capacitive-resistive load. The model parameters are determined to fit experimental results. The requirements for the pulse generator can be fulfilled well using a pulse generator design which employs a hard tube switch. A pulse generator design is presented which is especially optimized for PIII systems. Especially the hard tube control is optimized for obtaining voltage rise times as short as possible.

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  • Review of Scientific Instruments 67 (1996) 7 pp. 2621-2625


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