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Simulation of a Small Cold Leg Break Experiment on PMK-2 Test Facility using the codes RELAP5 and ATHLET

Prasser, H.-M.; Schäfer, F.; Krepper, E.; Ézsöl, G.; Guba, A.; Perneczky, L.
Results of a small break loss of coolant accident experiment, conducted on the PMK-2 integral type test facility are presented. The experiment simulated a 1% break in the cold leg of a VVER-440-type reactor. The main phenomena of the experiment are discussed and in case of selected events a more detailed interpretation with the help of measured void fraction, obtained by a special measurement device is given. Two thermohydraulic computer codes, RELAP5 and ATHLET, are used for post test calculations. The aim of the presented calculations is to investigate the code capability for modeling natural circulation phenomena in VVER-440-type reactors. Therefore the results of the experiment and both calculations are compared. Both codes predict most of the transient events well, with the exception that RELAP5 fails to predict the dry-out-period in the core. In the experiment the hot and cold leg loop seal clearing is accompanied by natural circulation instabilities, which can be explained by means of the ATHLET calculation.
  • Nuclear Technology Vol. 118, May 1997, pp. 162-174


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