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Ein technisches Informationssystem zur verbesserten betrieblichen Überwachung des Kernkraftwerkes Saporoshje/Ukraine

Beyer, M.; Carl, H.; Schikora, B.; Schumann, P.; Seidel, A.; Weiß, F.-P.; Zschau, J.; Nowak, K.; Tolksdorf, P.
In order to improve the operational surveillance of a VVER-1000 unit of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporosh´ye a technical monitoring system has been specified. The system will enable the state regulatory and supervisory bodies to survey the unit operation independently of operators to assess its safety status, and to impose appropriate conditions. Due to its up-to-date configuration the system provides early indication of any operational incident and emission of radioactive materials connected. Based on the system an immediate warning in mergency situations is possible as well as an effective emergency management. For this purpose 49 different operational parameters of the unit, 18 radiological parameters of the unit and the plant site and 6 meteorological parameters are monitored.
The monitoring concept and its technical realization are described.
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Postervortrag zum 4. Kolloquium Technische Diagnostik, TU Dresden, 14./15. März 1996
  • Open Access Logo Forschungszentrum Rossendorf; FZR-171 März 1997
    ISSN: 1436-3976


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