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In-medium spectral change of omega meson as a probe of QCD four-quark condensate
Zschocke, S.; Pavlenko, O. P.; Kämpfer, B.;
Within QCD sum rules at finite baryon density we show the crucial role of four-quark condensates, such as ‹(overline{q} γμλaq)2n, for the in-medium modification of the ωmeson spectral function. In particular, such a global property as the sign of the in-medium omega meson mass shift is found to be governed by a parameter which describes the strength of the density dependence of the four-quark condensate beyond mean-field approximation.
To study self-consistently the broadening of the omega meson resonance we employ a hadron spectral function based on the omega meson propagator delivered by a effective chiral Lagrangian. Measurements of the ωmeson spectral change in heavy-ion collisions with the HADES detector can reveal the yet unknown density dependence of the four-quark condensate.
Keywords: in-medium properties of hadrons, QCD sum rules, spectral function

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