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A Neutron Double-Crystal Diffractometer with a Position Sensitive Detector for Small-Angle Scattering Studies

Hempel, A.; Eichhorn, F.; Reichel, P.; Boede, W.
A neutron double-crystal diffractometer (DCD) with a position sensitive detector for a simultaneous measurement of the whole scattering range was realized. In this arrangement the angular dependence of the intensity distribution is transformed into a positional one by an elastically bent perfect analyzer (second) crystal set in a completely asymmetric diffraction geometry. The DCD may be used for the study of neutron beams scattered, diffracted, refracted or reflected in small angles. By tuning the curvature of the analyzer in the momentum transfer a range from 2x10-1 nm-1 is available. At present this DCD is used for small-angle neutron scattering investigations as well as for experiments with neutron optical components.
  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 381 (1996) pp. 466-471


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