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Discontinuity factors for non-multiplying material in two-dimensional hexagonal reactor geometry
Mittag, S.; Petkov, P.; Grundmann, U.;
On the basis of methods developed recently for square-fuel-assembly reactor cores, discontinuity factors for hexagonal VVER (Russian PWR) control absorbers and reflector nodes have been derived. Partial currents from heterogeneous multi-group transport calculations are used for the determination of the discontinuity factors. As shown by suitable benchmark calculations, the application of these quantities in the two-group nodal diffusion code DYN3D clearly improves the results of assembly-power predictions. The advantage of reflector diffusion parameters, including discontinuity factors, over conventional albedos has also been demonstrated.
Keywords: albedo, baffle, benchmark problem, boundary condition, control rod, diffusion equation, discontinuity factor, DYN3D, equivalence theory, fine mesh, fuel assembly, heterogeneity, hexagonal geometry, homogenisation, MARIKO, neutron flux, neutron transport, nodal expansion method, non-multiplying material, nuclear reactor core, partial current, power distribution, reflector, PWR, VVER, VVER-440
  • Annals of Nuclear Energy 30/13 (2003) pp. 1347-1364

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