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Saxon Wind Energy Ressources: Comparison of WASP and KAMM Results

Hirsch, W.; Rindelhardt, U.; Tetzlaff, G.
The wind energy ressources of a selected saxon area ( 64 km x 48 km ) has been investigated in detail. The region can be characterized by a mean height of 200 m a.s.l. with complex surface profil. Based on measuring data of three stations WASP calculations with a grid step of 0.25 km has been performed for the whole region. The data are compared with calculation results of the mesoscale KAMM model. These calculations based on the geostrophic wind data of the Czech station Prague and used a 1.0 km and a 2.5 km grid ( coresponding 60 and 120 wind clusters ). The ressource maps ( mean wind velocity and power density ) calculated by both methods show corresponding high wind potential in the investigated area. Differences in the absolute values are explained by the features of the used programmes.
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Proceedings of the 1996 European Union Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, Göteborg (Sweden), 20.-24.5.1996, pp. 604-607

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