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On the β-decaying (21+) spin gap isomer in 94Ag
Plettner, C.; Grawe, H.; Mukha, I.; Döring, J.; Nowacki, F.; Batist, L.; Blazhev, A.; Hoffman, C. R.; Janas, Z.; Kirchner, R.; La Commara, M.; Mazzocchi, C.; Roeckl, E.; Schwengner, R.; Tabor, S. L.; Wiedeking, M.;
The β decay of 94Ag, a nucleus with three proton and three neutron holes with respect on 100Sn, was investigated at the GSI on-line mass spectrometer by using an array of germanium and silicon detectors. On the basis of an β γ γ coincidence measurement, the previously reported decay scheme has been considerably improved and evidence is presented for a spin-gap isomer with a spin-parity assignment of (21+), i. e., the highest spin ever observed in β decay. The half-life of the low spin-spin isomer (7+) was remeasured to be 0.59(2) s, whereas the half-life of the high-spin isomer was determined as 0.47(8) S. For the states in 94Ag and 94Pd, large-scale shell-model calculations that include up to 4p-4h excitations across the N = Z = 50 shell gap and employ a realistic interaction were carried out. These core excitations play a crucial role in generating the E4 isomerism required for the interpretation of th long half-life of the (21+) state in 94Ag.
  • Nuclear Physics A 733(2004)1-2, 20-36

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