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Surface nanopatterning of metal thin films by physical vapour deposition onto surface-modified silicon nanodots
Azzaroni, O.; Fonticelli, M.; Schilardi, P. L.; Benítez, G.; Caretti, I.; Albella, J. M.; Gago, R.; Vázquez, L.; Salvarezza, R. C.;
Nanostructuring of metallic and semiconductor surfaces in the sub-100 nm range is a key point in the development of future technologies. In this work we describe a simple and low-cost method for metal nanostructuring with 50 nm lateral and 6 nm vertical resolutions based on metal film deposition on a silane-derivatized nanostructured silicon master. The silane monolayer anti-sticking properties allow nanopattern transfer from the master to the deposited metal films as well as easy film detachment. The method is non-destructive, allowing the use of the derivatized master several times without damaging. Potential applications of the method are in the field of high-density data storage, heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis, microanalysis (sensors and biosensors) and new optical devices.

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