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Transition strengths between particle hole excitations in 95Ru
Galindo, E.; Hausmann, M.; Jungclaus, A.; Lieb, K. P.; Yordanov, O.; Johnstone, I. P.; Schwengner, R.; Dewald, A.; Fitzler, A.; Möller, O.; de Angelis, G.; Gadea, A.; Martinez, T.; Napoli, D. R.; Ur, C. A.;
High-spin states of 95Ru have been populated using the 35Cl+ 64Zn reaction at a beam energy of 135 MeV. In a recoil-distance Doppler-shift experiment, the lifetimes or lifetime limits of 26 high-spin states have been measured, giving information on a total of 49 reduced transition strengths. The results are compared with shell-model calculations with different model spaces and residual interactions. Several families of states with defined proton and neutron seniorities are proposed. The M1 strengths in the negative-parity yrast sequence show a pronounced staggering which is reproduced by the shell-model calculations.
  • Physical Review C 69(2004), 024304

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