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Laboratory astrophysics as examplified by the Riga dynamo experiment
Stefani, F.; Gerbeth, G.; Gailitis, A.; Lielausis, O.; Platacis, E.;
It has been proposed to investigate the magnetorotational instability at a large scale liquid sodium facility. This sort of laboratory astrophysics is encouraged by the recent successful dynamo experiments. We report on our experiences with the Riga dynamo experiment where magnetic field self-exciation is achieved in a cylindrical vessel filled with approximately 2 qm of liquid sodium which can reach flow velocities up to 20 m/s. The main experimental results on the kinematic and the saturation regime are compared with numerical modelling. Some focus is also laid on the technical design of the facility and the measurement instrumentation.
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Workshop: MHD Couette flows: experiments and models, 29.02.-02.03.2004, Acitrezza, Catania, Italy

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