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Evidence for the Interaction of Technetium colloids with humic substances by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Maes, A.; Geraedts, K.; Bruggeman, C.; Vancluysen, J.; Rossberg, A.; Hennig, C.;
Spectroscopic extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) evidence was obtained on the chemical environment of 99Tc(IV) atoms formed upon introduction of TcO4 - into four types of laboratory-scale synthetic and natural systems which mimic in situ natural reducing conditions in humicrich geochemical environments: (a) magnetite/pyrite in synthetic groundwater in the absence of humic substances (HSs), (b) magnetite/pyrite in natural Gorleben groundwater in the presence of HSs, (c) Boom clay sediment mixed with synthetic groundwater, and (d) Gorleben sand mixed with natural Gorleben groundwater. The investigated systems obey to pH 8-9 conditions, and all measured samples show similar EXAFS spectra for Tc, which could be fitted by a hydrated TcO2¿ xH2O phase. The results are interpreted as follows: upon introduction of high concentrations (millimolar to micromolar) of TcO4 to chemically reducing environments, small Tc(IV) oxidic polymers are formed, which either may aggregate into larger units (colloids) and finally precipitate or may interact in their polymeric form with (dissolved and immobile) humic substances. This latter type of interactionsTc(IV) colloid sorption onto HSssdiffers significantly from the generally accepted metal-humate complexation and therefore offers new views on the possible reaction pathways of metals and radionuclides in humic-rich environments.
  • Environmental Science & Technology 38(2004), 2044-2051

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