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High-spin states in 109Sn and their decay to the ground state

Käubler, L.; Prade, H.; Reif, J.; Schwengner, R.; Winter, G.; Grawe, H.; Heese, J.; Kluge, H.; Maier, K. H.; Schubart, R.; Spohr, K.
An extended level scheme of 109Sn is presented showing high-spin
states up to Ex ca. 8 MeV and spins up to Jpi=(41/2+).
Their decay to the 5/2+ ground state has been observed identifying
a 12.8 keV 7/2+ -> 5/2+ transition. A half life of
T1/2=7(1) ns has been measured for the 17/2+ state
at Ex=2114 keV. The experimental data are compared with the
predictions of shell-model calculations.
  • Zeitschrift für Physik A 351 (1995) pp. 123


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