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The proton g9/2 isomer in the N=50 nucleus 87Rb and M2 transition rates in 85,87Rb

Käubler, L.; Protochristov, C.; Michailova, M.; Reif, J.; Andrejtscheff, W.; Funke, L.; Kostova, L.; Prade, H.; Schwengner, R.; Winter, G.
ow-lying states of the N=50 nucleus 87Rb have been investigated
in the (alpha, alpha') reaction measuring gamma gamma- and delayed gamma-rf-coincidences.
A half-life of T1/2=6(1) ns was obtained for the level at 1578.1
keV. This experimental result confirms the 9/2+ assignement
and the proton 1g9/2 single-particle character of this state.
Experimental M2 transition strengths in 85,87Rb are compared
with predictions of the shell model and the particle-core coupling mwodel.
  • Zeitschrift für Physik A 352 (1995) pp. 127


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