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K- - meson production in proton-nucleus collisions

Sibirtsev, A.; Büscher, M.; Müller, H.; Schneidereit, C.
K- - meson production in proton-nucleus interactions at projectile energies up to 15 GeV is studied. As a first step the available data on K- - meson production in pp interactions are compared with different parametrizations and results of model calculations. Because of considerable uncertainties in the current descriptions of the energy dependence of the elementary K- cross section a new parametrization is suggested. Experimental data on K- production in pA collisions are analyzed in the framework of the Rossendorf-Collision and folding models. Satisfactory descriptions of the momentum spectra at forward angles are achieved. From an analysis of the A dependence it can be concluded that K- mesons are well suided to investigate final-state interactions for particles interacting strongly with the residual nucleus. Furthermore, we propose experimental studies on K- production close to threshold. Such measurements are particularly sensitive to contributions from secondary processes or from multi-nucleon interactions.
  • Zeitschrift für Physik A 351 (1995) pp. 333


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