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Quantitative Measurement of Gas Distributions in a Stirred Chemical Reactor with Cone-Beam X-ray Computed Tomography

Boden, S.; Hampel, U.; Speck, M.

Cone-beam type X-ray CT is a potential mehtod to measure three-dimensional phase-distribution in vessels. An example for that is the measurement of gas profiles in stirred chemical reactors. Such data is highly valuable for the assessment and evaluation of chemical processes, for optimisation of the reactor and stirrer design, and for evaluation of computational fluid dynamics codes used to model the fluid flow and heat transer in reactive systems. However, there are considerable difficulties for accurate quantitative measurements, for instance of average gas fraction in a fluid, due to beam hardening and radiation scattering effects. In a theoretical and experimental work we have investigated the non-linear effect of both physical phenomena and developed a suitable measurement setup as well as calibration and software correction methods to achieve a highly accurate void fraction measurement with X-ray cone-beam tomography.

Keywords: cone-beam CT; gas distribution; stirred chemical reactor; X-ray tomography

  • Contribution to proceedings
    4th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, 05.-08.09.2005, Aizu, Japan
    Proceedings, 0 85316 255 7, 813-818

Publ.-Id: 7093