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Evidence for acoustic waves induced by focused ion beams

Teichert, J.; Bischoff, L.; Köhler, B.
Acoustic waves induced by an intensity modulated focused ion beam (FIB) have been measured. The experiments were performed with Ga+ ions of 35 keV at a current of 3 nA and variable chopping frequency up to 10 MHz. The acoustic signals were detected by means of a piezoelectric sensor with integrated pre-amplifier. Frequency and position sensitivity of the sensor has been measured by laser excitation. Ion acoustic measurements have been carried out at the resonance frequencies of the sensor. A dependence on the sample material was found. The results show that the ion-acoustic effect can be utilized for imaging and material analysis in FIB systems.
  • Applied Physics Letters 69 (1996) 11, pp. 1544-46


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