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DYN3D version 3.2 - code for calculation of transients in light water reactors (LWR) with hexagonal or quadratic fuel elements - description of models and methods -

Grundmann, U.; Rohde, U.; Mittag, S.; Kliem, S.
DYN3D is an best estimate advanced code for the three-dimensional simulation of steady-states and transients in light water reactor cores with quadratic and hexagonal fuel assemblies. Burnup and poison-dynamic calculations can be performed. For the investigation of wide range transients, DYN3D is coupled with system codes as ATHLET and RELAP5.

The neutron kinetic model is based on the solution of the three-dimensional two-group neutron diffusion equation by nodal expansion methods. The thermal-hydraulics comprises a one- or two-phase coolant flow model on the basis of four differential balance equations for mass, energy and momentum of the two-phase mixture and the mass balance for the vapour phase. Various cross section libraries are linked with DYN3D.

Systematic code validation is performed by FZR and independent organizations.
Keywords: light water reactors, transients, computer code, core model, three-dimensional, two group neutron diffusion, nodal methods, two-phase flow, thermal hydraulics, fuel rod model, reactor safety, cross section libraries, burnup calculation, Xenon and Samarium dynamics, coupling, system codes
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