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Transport Theories for Heavy-Ion Collisions in the 1 AGeV Regime

Kolomeitsev, E. E.; Hartnack, C.; Barz, H. W.; Bleicher, M.; Bratkovskaya, E.; Cassing, W.; Chen, L. W.; Danielewicz, P.; Fuchs, C.; Gaitanos, T.; Ko, C. M.; Larionov, A.; Reiter, M.; Wolf, G.; Aichelin, J.
We compare multiplicities as well as rapidity and transverse momentum distributions of protons, pions and kaons calculated within presently available transport approaches for heavy ion collisions around 1 AGeV. For this purpose, three reactions have been selected: Au+Au at 1 and 1.48 AGeV and Ni+Ni at 1.93 AGeV.
  • Journal of Physics G 31(2005), S741-S757


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