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Luminescent Defect dynamics in amorphous SiO2:H

Fitting, H.-J.; Ziems, T.; Salh, R.; Voncharnowski, A.; Schmidt, B.
The main luminescent centers in SiO2 are the red luminescence R(1.85eV) of the non-bridging oxygen hole center (NBOHC) and the oxygen deficient center (ODC) with a blue B(2.7eV) and a UV band (4.4eV). Implanted hydrogen diminishes the red luminescence but increases the blue and the UV bands. Thus hydrogen passivates the NBOHC and keeps the ODC's in active emission states. A preliminary model of luminescence center transformation is based on radiolytic dissociation and re-association of mobile oxygen and hydrogen at the centers as well as formation of interstitial H2, O2, and H2O molecules.
Keywords: Luminescence, SiO2, hydrogen ion implantation
  • Physica Status Solidi (C) 2(2005)1, 693-698


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