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Effects of implantation of magnetic ions into ZnO

Potzger, K.; Zhou, S.; Reuther, H.; Brauer, G.; Anwand, W.; Eichhorn, F.; Bischoff, L.; Herrmann, F.; Grambole, D.; Groetzschel, R.; Fassbender, J.
Recent achievements in the field of diluted magnetic semiconductors are summarized. Then, effects of the implantation of magnetic ions into ZnO single crystals are studied by various highly sensitive analysis methods. It is found that the implantation of Fe ions at elevated temperatures (620 K) yields the formation of small ferromagnetic Fe particles. Moreover, the host lattice exhibits open-volume type damage confined at the near surface region. Both effects strongly depend on the ion fluence. On the other hand, after 25 keV focused ion beam implantation of Co+ no magnetic domains could be detected on a ZnO single crystal surface. However, unscreened electric charges are locally introduced effectuating a contrast within a lift mode-operated atomic force microscope that can easily be confused with magnetic field gradients.
Keywords: ZnO, diluted magnetic semiconductors, ion implantation, magnetism
  • Lecture (Conference)
    HeT-SiC-05, 26.04.-01.05.2005, Krippen, Deutschland

Publ.-Id: 7652