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Beta decay of 103Sn

Kavatsyuk, O.; Kavatsyuk, M.; Batist, L.; Banu, A.; Becker, F.; Blazhev, A.; Brüchle, W.; Döring, J.; Faestermann, T.; Górska, M.; Grawe, H.; Janas, Z.; Jungclaus, A.; Karny, M.; Kirchner, R.; La Commara, M.; Mandal, S.; Mazzocchi, C.; Mukha, I.; Muralithar, S.; Plettner, C.; Płochocki, A.; Roeckl, E.; Romoli, M.; Schädel, M.; Schwengner, R.; Żylicz, J.
The β decay of 103Sn, a three-neutron-particle nucleus with respect to the 100Sn core, was investigated at the GSI on-line mass separator using an array of 17 germanium crystals and a total absorption spectrometer. A total of 31 β-delayed γ-rays (29 new) of the 103Sn →103 In decay were observed and, on the basis of β-γ-γ coincidences, the 103Sn decay scheme was established for the first time. By means of total absorption spectroscopy, β intensities, the Gamow-Teller strength distribution and the summed Gamow-Teller strength value of 3.5±0.5 were determined for this decay. Its half-life and QEC value were found to be 7.0±0.2 s and 7.64±0.7 MeV, respectively. The β-delayed proton branching ratio was measured to be 1.2±0.1%. The results are discussed in comparison with shell-model predictions based on realistic and empirical interactions.
  • European Physical Journal A 25(2005)2, 211-222


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