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Synergism effects between Ni and Cu on the radiation susceptibility of RPV model alloys

Ulbricht, A.; Keiderling, U.
After the formation of a high point-defect content of vacancies and self- or solute interstitial atoms during neutron-induced displacement cascade processes, the radiation susceptibility of a reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steel is expressed in its capability of defect clustering. These fine-scaled features are the essential microstructural changes and the reason for the enhanced material ageing under irradiation. Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) provides statistically reliable results about their size distributions and contents in macroscopic volumina. A possible cluster composition can be derived from their magnetic and nuclear scattering intensities.
The content of Cu is the most essential parameter controlling the radiation susceptibility. Ni rich alloys have a higher radiation susceptibility as Ni poor steels with the same content of deleterious elements as Cu. The synergism of Ni and Cu has a catalytical effect on the radiation defect formation. Cu precipitates were not found.
Keywords: SANS, radiation defects, RPV steel
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    Y. Kirschbaum, A. Brandt, M. Tovar, D. Bischoff, R. Michaelsen: BENSC Experimental Reports 2004, Berlin: Hahn-Meitner-Institut, HMI - B 601(2005), 2005, ISSN 0936 - 0891, 155


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