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Speciation of uranium in environmental relevant compartments II
Bernhard, G.;
In the past, the chemistry of uranium was focused on its mining and milling for production of high pure uranium compounds as initial matter of reactor fuel elements for energy production and breeding of plutonium for weapons production. In this sense, the recovery of uranium and plutonium from the used reactor fuel elements was also technical realized. The increasing input into bio-sphere by uranium mining and milling and industrial processes like production of cement, fossil fuels, and fertilizers has led to the realization of the importance of environmental chemistry of uranium. Starting from uranium content in geo-and bio-systems, about the chemical behavior - the speciation of uranium - is reported in selected environmental compartments like seepage water, bacteria, and plants. The results obtained
by various spectroscopic methods show that the speciation of uranium is dominated in surface waters by uranyl carbonate complex in opposite to the speciation in bacteria and p! lants. In these compartments the speciation is dominated by binding of uranium on carboxylic and phosphorous containing functional groups.
  • Landbauforschung Volkenrode 55(2005), 139-148

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