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Effects of excitation wave form on an electromagnetically forced separated flow
Weier, T.; Cierpka, C.; Gerbeth, G.;
Experimental results on separation control by time periodic Lorentz forces are reported for hydrofoils in the Reynolds number range 10^4 - 10^5. Force measurements reveal that in a small frequency around the most effective excitation frequency control authority is a function of the peak momentum input. The vorticity distribution derived from phase averaged laser doppler anemometry shows different vortical structures for excitation with varying wave forms. The effect of the excitation wave form on the attainable lift gain is interpreted as resulting from these different vortex structures.
Keywords: flow control, separation control, Lorentz force
  • Lecture (Conference)
    European Drag Reduction and Flow Control Meeting, 10.-14.04.2006, Ischia, Italy
  • Contribution to proceedings
    European Drag Reduction and Flow Control Meeting, 10.-13.04.2006, Ischia, Italy

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