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The quantum functional intermetallic compound Pr(1-x-y)La(x)Pb(y)Te
Herrmannsdörfer, T.;
The intermetallic compound Pr(1-x-y)La(x)Pb(y)Te shows a wide spectrum of physical phenomena. Depending on the metallurgical composition, the compound changes its behaviour from hyperfine enhanced nuclear magnetic order to super- or semiconductivity. In addition, there are interesting interplay effects between these ground state phenomena. In consequence, Pr(1-x-y)La(x)Pb(y)Te may
serve as an interesting quantum functional compound for quantum computing experiments. In this paper, the hyperfine enhanced nuclear magnetic and superconducting properties are pointed out.
Keywords: hyperfine enhanced nuclear magnetism, interplay of superconductivity and magnetism, quantum computing

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