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Light-ion production in the interaction of 96 MeV neutrons with oxygen
Tippawan, U.; Pomp, S.; Atac, A.; Bergenwall, B.; Blomgren, J.; Dangtip, S.; Hildebrand, A.; Johansson, C.; Klug, J.; Mermod, P.; Nilsson, L.; Österlund, M.; Olsson, N.; Prokofiev, A.; Nadel-Turonski, P.; Corcalciuc, V.; Koning, A.;
Double-differential cross sections for light-ion (p, d, t, He-3 and alpha) production in oxygen, induced by 96 MeV neutrons are reported. Energy spectra are measured at eight laboratory angles from 20 to 160 degrees in steps of 20 degrees. Procedures for data taking and data reduction are presented. Deduced energy-differential and production cross sections are reported. Experimental cross sections are compared to theoretical reaction model calculations and experimental data at lower neutron energies in the literature.
Keywords: Neutron scattering, light-ion production, reaction cross sections
  • Physical Review C 73(2006), 034611

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