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Linear stability analysis for the effect of the lift force in a bubble column
Lucas, D.; Prasser, H.-M.; Manera, A.;
The role of the lift force for the stability of a homogeneous bubble column is investigated. Instabilities caused by the lift force may be one important reason for the transition from homogeneous to heterogeneous bubble column. The lift force acts on rising bubbles in lateral direction, when gradients of the liquid velocity are present. Non-uniform liquid velocity fields may be induced if the gas fraction is not equally distributed, e.g. caused by local disturbances. For regions with locally increased gas volume fraction the liquid is accelerated in upwards direction and following a gradient of the liquid velocity occurs. This causes a lateral redistribution of the gas bubbles. Depending on the sign of the lift force coefficient this can act to smooth the spatial bubble distribution (positive lift force coefficient) or to increase the initial disturbances (negative lift force coefficient). The feedback mechanism was studied by the means of a linear stability analysis. In addition to the lift force, the turbulent dispersion force is considered, which has always a stabilizing effect, i.e. it partially compensates the destabilisation induced by a negative lift coefficient. The stability analysis for a mono-dispersed system nevertheless showed, that influence of the lift force is much larger, compared to the influence of the turbulent dispersion force, if only bubble induced turbulence is considered. Thus the stability condition is practically the positive sign of the lift force coefficient. The analysis was then extended to two bubbles classes - one being small enough to have a positive lift force coefficient, the other being large enough to have a negative coefficient. The result of the analysis is a condition for the minimum fraction of small bubbles needed for stability. Finally a generalized criterion for N bubble classes and for a continuous bubble size distribution is given. Recently two different groups confirmed the stability criteria experimentally.
Keywords: bubble column, linear stabiliy analysis, bubbly flow, homogeneous flow
  • Contribution to proceedings
    7th German/Japanese Symposium on Bubble Columns, 20.-23.05.2006, Goslar, Germany
  • Lecture (Conference)
    7th German/Japanese Symposium on Bubble Columns, 20.-23.05.2006, Goslar, Germany

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