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Charge trapping in SiO2 layers implanted with rare earths and Ge ions
Prucnal, S.; Sun, J. M.; Cheng, X.; Skorupa, W.;
Metal-oxide-silicon (MOS) structures containing different rare earth and germanium ions exhibit strong luminescence from 300 to 1540 nm.
It is very interesting from the viewpoint of the formation of silicon-based light-emitting devices. The different behaviour of charge trapping in Ge, Tb, Gd and Eu enriched SiO2 layer was studied under constant current regime. High-frequency (100 kHz) capacitors-voltage (C-V) characteristics exhibit a strong dependence of the charge trapping on the type of elements implanted into the SiO2 layer. The increase of the Eu concentration up to 3 percent leads to a shift of the C-V characteristics towards negative voltage in comparison with fresh samples, which reveals positive charge trapping. The capture cross section and the concentration of the different type of charge traps can also be strongly influenced by changing the annealing temperature and annealing time.
Keywords: charge trapping, Ge, rare earth
  • Lecture (Conference)
    Berlin 2005, "Physik seit Einstein", 04.03.-09.03.2005 Hinweise für Tagungsteilnehmer und Tagesübersicht, 04.-09.03.2005, Berlin, Germany

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