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Nucleation control in FLASIC assisted short time liquid phase epitaxy by melt modification
Pezoldt, J.; Polychroniadis, E.; Stauden, T.; Ecke, G.; Chassagne, T.; Vennegues, P.; Leycuras, A.; Panknin, D.; Stoemenos, J.; Skorupa, W.;
The influence of the different additions to the melt on the nucleation behavior during short time flash lamp processing was investigated. It was observed that germanium and carbon additions to the silicone melt led to an increase of the mass transport to the growing surface and to an increase of the nuclei size. In the case of germanium additions to the silicon melt an incorporation of germanium in the silicon substrate was observed.
  • Materials Science Forum 483-487(2005), 213-216

Publ.-Id: 8185