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Modelling of flash-lamp-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon thin films on glass
Smith, M.; Mcmahon, R.; Voelskow, M.; Panknin, D.; Skorupa, W.;
Thin poly-crystalline silicon films are attractive for the fabrication of active matrix liquid crystal displays. We propose the use of flash lamp annealing to recrystallize amorphous silicon layers on glass substrates as a low cost manufacturing route. In this process amorphous silicon can be crystallized both by solid phase crystallization (SPC) and in the super lateral growth (SLG) regime. We present a thermal model which incorporates the phase transitions during annealing and we have shown that predictions from the model are in good agreement with experimental observations. In addition, the model is a valuable aid to optimizing the process conditions.
  • Journal of Crystal Growth 285(2005), 249


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