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Epitaxial SiC formation at the SiO2/Si interface by C+ implantation into SiO2 and subsequent annealing
Voelskow, M.; Panknin, D.; Polychroniadis, E. K.; Ferro, G.; Godignon, P.; Mestres, N.; Skorupa, W.; Monteil, Y.; Stoemenos, J.;
An approach for the defect density reduction in 3C-SiC epitaxially grown on Si is to improve the quality of the carbonized layer during the early stage of growth. For this reason the conventional carbonization process was replaced by a slower and nearer equilibrium carbonization method. Carbon is introduced by implantation into oxide of an ocidized Si substrate, near the SiO2/Si interface, and then it is transferred to the Si surface by annealing. Good quality 3C-SiC grains are formed embedded into the Si substrate, which are absolutely flat at the SiO2/Si interface. Another advantage of the new carbonization process is the elimination of the cavities due to the suppression of Si out-diffusion.
  • Materials Science Forum 483-487(2005), 233

Publ.-Id: 8194