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Ion beam induced destabilization of icosahedral structures in gas phase prepared FePt nanoparticles
Dmitrieva, O.; Acet, M.; Liedke, M. O.; Rellinghaus, B.; Fassbender, J.ORC
Multiply twinned FePt nanoparticles with icosahedral structures were prepared by dc magnetron sputtering in argon. The icosahedral structure of these particles is known to be very stable against structural transformations into both the face-centered cubic phase (fcc, A1) and the chemically ordered tetragonal L10 phase upon in-flight or post-deposition thermal annealing. Irradiation of these multiply twinned FePt particles with 5 keV He ions, however, resulted in a transformation into predominantly single crystalline fcc particles at high ion fluences of f>1017 ions/cm2. Adjacent particles were observed to coalesce under the effect of He irradiation, and the size of individual particles was found to be slightly reduced, which indicates a high atomic mobility owing to temporarily enhanced defect concentrations caused by the ion bombardment. Strikingly, there was no indication for the occurrence of L10 ordered FePt nanoparticles upon ion irradiation in these samples.
Keywords: magnetism, nanoparticles, FePt, hard magnetic materials, He ion irradiation, structural phase transformation
  • Journal of Applied Physics 97(2005), 10N112


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