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Testing timing RPC detectors at the Rossendorf electron linac ELBE
Kotte, R.; Dohrmann, F.; Hutsch, J.; Naumann, L.; Stach, D.;
The timing performance of various multigap resistive plate chambers (MRPCs) has been tested at the Rossendorf electron linac ELBE. Electrons with energies of 20-40 MeV have been used to mimic minimum ionizing hadrons to be detected in large-scale time-of-flight (TOF) detectors for future heavy-ion collision experiments. Referencing the TOF measurement to the accelerator radio frequency, no fast start detector was necessary. A typical time resolution (including contributions from front-end electronics) of about 70 ps has been achieved for individual strips of the multistrip-anode MRPCs. Rate dependencies and detection efficiencies have been investigated.
Keywords: gaseous detectors, RPC, time resolution


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