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In-medium effects on phase space distributions of antikaons measured in proton-nucleus collisions
Scheinast, W.; Böttcher, I.; Debowski, M.; Dohrmann, F.; Förster, A.; Grosse, E.; Koczon, P.; Kohlmeyer, B.; Laue, F.; Menzel, M.; Naumann, L.; Schwab, E.; Senger, P.; Shin, Y.; Ströbele, H.; Sturm, C.; Surówka, G.; Uhlig, F.; Wagner, A.; Walus, W.; Kämpfer, B.; Barz, H. W.;
Differential production cross sections of K± mesons have been measured in p+C and p+Au collisions at 1.6, 2.5, and 3.5 GeV proton beam energy. At beam energies close to the production threshold, the K- multiplicity is strongly enhanced with respect to proton-proton collisions. According to microscopic transport calculations, this enhancement is caused by two effects: the strangeness exchange reaction NY-->K-NN and an attractive in-medium K-N potential at saturation density.
  • Physical Review Letters 96(2006), 072301


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