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Quadrupole moment of the 8+ yrast state in 84Kr
Schwengner, R.; Balabanski, D. L.; Neyens, G.; Benouaret, N.; Borremans, D.; Coulier, N.; de Rydt, M.; Georgiev, G.; Mallion, S.; Rainovski, G.; Rusev, G.; Teughels, S.; Vyvey, K.;
The quadrupole moment of the 8+ yrast state in 84Kr was measured using the level-mixing spectroscopy technique to be Q = 36(4) efm2. The result is compared with predictions of the shell model using common sets of effective charges. The comparison of experimental quadrupole moments with calculated values for 8+ states in Kr, Sr and Zr isotopes with N = 48, 50 and for 9/2+ states in isotopes with N = 47, 49 suggests a modification of the effective charges used in this region.
Keywords: Nuclear structure, nuclear quadrupole moments, level-mixing spectroscopy, shell model.


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