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Microstructural anisotropy at the ion-induced rippled amorphous – crystalline interface of silicon
Grigorian, S.; Grenzer, J.; Datta, D. P.; Hazra, S.; Chini, T. K.; Sanyal, M. K.; Pietsch, U.;
The mechanism of ion-induced ripple-like structure formation at top-surface
and at buried crystalline surface is being studied extensively by several techniques. Using the technique of grazing incidence x-ray scattering, we have measured the degree of amorphization in the region between buried-crystalline and top-surface ripples in silicon as a function of argon-ion dose. Two broad peaks of the amorphous scattering profiles were probed by varying the penetration depth of x-ray and revealed short-range ordering. Our results show that the strong damage of crystalline structure caused by ion bombardment takes place along particular crystallographic directions and displays ion dose dependent behavior.
Keywords: grazing incidence scattering ion beam irradiation
  • Applied Physics Letters 89(2006)23, 231915


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