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Carbon-11 Labelling Chemistry Based upon [11C]Methyl Iodide
Wüst, F.; Berndt, M.; Knieß, T.;
Radiochemistry with the short-lived positron emitter carbon-11 (t1/2 = 20.38 min) represents special challenges in terms of synthesis time and the labelling techniques. The recent developments in carbon-11 radiochemistry have steadily expanded the number of carbon-11 labelled compounds. The review wants to address selected chemical and technical aspects of carbon-11 chemistry based on the readily available labelling precursors [11C]methyl iodide and, to some lower extent, [11C]methyl triflate. Special emphasis is attributed to heteroatom methylation reactions and 11C-C bond formations.
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    P.A. Schubiger, L. Lehmann, M. Friebe: E.Schering Research Foundation Workshop,Vol. 62,PET Chemistry,The Driving Force in Molecular Imaging, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 2006, 10-3-540 326 23-5, 183-213

Publ.-Id: 8383